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Angela Marshall

Angela Marshall is a motivational speaker who has ventured into many other areas of literary success. Besides her versatile profile, she has contributed in a big way to her community as a community advocate, supporter, and youth mentor.
“In Other Words, By Stone” is her brainchild that is the culmination of all her life and professional experiences to bring creative and accurate assistance through words, work, and wisdom. This is her latest and according to her “one of her biggest launches.” “My platform is the convergence of all my life experiences. While my clients and followers will be able to access all my services on this platform, I will also be sharing all my knowledge and literary works here” Angela exclaimed.

Who is Angela Marshall?

Angela has such a versatile and long profile, it would be impossible to sum her life and profession in a few sentences. She is an bestseller author, entrepreneur, professional writer, motivational speaker, creative consultant, business owner, and famously former NFL wife. As a motivational speaker, she has found immense success in captivating global audience and readers with her life experiences that include struggles and successes.
“Most of my work is focused on my core passion and that is to motivate anyone who listens or reads me to get through life’s challenges,” she claims.

Famous Works

As a professional writer, some of her famous books include ‘Lust Lessons, Love and Life’ and ‘Reality to Rags to Riches – The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife’. She has also featured in almost a hundred well-known publications and shows. This includes The UnStoppable Show, The Beauty Essentials Show, Speakersphere Organization, Unconventional Leaders, Humanity Matters, and dozens more. She is also an active participant in many popular podcasts.

Angela is constantly traveling, both within America and to global destinations to share her words and spread her message. She brings with her two decades of experience from the corporate world. She has been featured as one of the most successful women on the planet in the ‘Women Who Lead’ anthology.

In Other Words, By Stone

Angela mostly provides her services as a creative consultant through her venture ‘In Other Words, By Stone. In her words, “This world needs all the motivation and encouragement it can receive. I have experienced this throughout my career through my interactions with people from all around the world. I consider myself lucky to have the experiences and the gift of word-power to bring it to everyone.”

She is actively invited in various online and offline events as a motivational speaker. Her new platform ‘In Other Words, By Stone’ has further simplified the process for her clients to engage her services, almost anywhere around the world. Her online speeches and works have already reached tens of millions of people.  Her natural talent to captivate the listener and her rich experience plays a big role in helping her clients leverage from her skills.

For more information about Angela Marshall it is recommended to contact her directly.
Contact Information:
Angela Marshall
Phone: 706.726.0461


Twitter – Angela Marshall @wordsbystone 


Her Black Woman’s Authors Featured Page – 

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