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A. Williams

Native of Eatonton, Georgia. Mother to two fabulous and intelligent daughters. Daughter of the late Edward Williams & Mrs. Vicki Fambro. Granddaughter of Johnny Fambro, Sr., & the late Martha Fambro, and the late Adolphus & Gladys Williams. Graduate of Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia (First for Women). Advocate for victims of domestic violence. Respects all cultures and ethnicities. Firmly supports “Black Lives Matter.”

”Lipstick Red! I Am Me!” is a book for Women by A. Williams. It’s time to start believing in the power of “YOU“ in a “Lipstick Red!” kind of way. ”Lipstick Red! I Am Me!” is her first published book. A. Williams is the mother of two beautiful and intelligent children and she enjoys many things!

When we are not trying to be like others or conforming to societal expectations, that means we are no longer in competition. This allows us to make that first step toward accepting ourselves. No one needs to give you permission to do this critical thing. When you embrace yourself just as you are, it can radically transform your life. This book calls on you to tap into those qualities, talents, and attributes that make you who you are. It challenges you to be ‘Lipstick Red’.

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