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This demo was created to showcase a sample of our Affordable Landing Page sample. We use authors from our social media accounts. 

For this demo, we are using this best-selling author L.C. RENIE @iamlcrenie. Visit her full website at

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L.C. RENIE Announces Her First Novel as a Fictional Steamy Adult Romance Author

October 16, 2021: It is a challenge being a new author in the novel writing community. However, Midwest Bookwatch Sr. Reviewer, Diane Donovan describe first written novel as a powerful probe of matters of the heart; take romance to the next level beyond a romantic interest alone lends it a three-dimensional heart that will appeal to romance readers looking for more depth than most genre romance offer.

Thus, L.C. Renie has been an exception in this genre of writing. L.C. Renie is adept at weaving accounts of intrigue, identity crisis, romance, and new developments into a story replete with character fragilities and strong commitments. Readers receive more than a light development of love in Paris. And it is only wondrous that she has been in public health oversight in the food processing industry happens to have ventured into the world of writing and has succeeded by establishing her name and work. With her first novel about to be launched in a few months, this successful woman of color has a long journey ahead of her as an author and philanthropist.

New Upcoming Novel by L.C. RENIE

L.C. has completed her first novel, which is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of 2022. The book is titled, “Tides Beneath Unshattered Love: PARIS.” The book will be making an international launch in North America, the UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand, across online bookstores.

When enquired about the inspiration for writing the novel and its storyline, L.C. Renie exclaimed, “It was a spiritual enlightenment that inspired me to write this novel. It is the story of Dr. Alexandria Belmont who was born to embrace a stigma rare skin condition that doesn’t get much attention called Albinism. The story follows her journey further in life with the question of whether she could survive what lies ahead of her.” I dedicate “Tides Beneath Unshattered Love: PARIS” to an elementary schoolmate, I enjoyed walking home with every day after school name Linda, inherited the milky white beautiful trait. She had the kindest heart.

Author’s Future Plans

When asked about her future plans, L.C. RENIE said, “I want to continue writing and promote my work. I’m inspired to grow in different genres and believe I can make a difference in it. I am driven by the goal to enlighten my readers with what real life throws at us and I want to create characters that my readers can connect with. Overcoming adversity is a big theme for me, as I come across people every day when I work with different charities and organizations.”

L.C. RENIE also, invites her readers to share their experiences, stories, and dreams with her.

For more information about the Author L.C.RENIE, her upcoming novel, her humanitarian efforts, and other pursuits, it is recommended to contact her directly.

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Twitter – L.C. RENIE @iamlcrenie


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