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Content is the Queen of any Story and Lynn P. Hall, Professional Writer and Published Author at FLuidity Content Writing, LLC, sits on the Throne


Fredericksburg, Virginia: There are content writing services, and then, there are content writing’ services.  Effectiveness in achieving goals is the most important characteristic of any content writing project.  However, this is a feat that online marketers have found very difficult to achieve.  This is where ‘professional writers’ with decades of experience are the ones that can provide the ideal solution.

Lynn P. Hall is one of the most experienced content writing experts in the world, who is creating a revolution in the ‘professional writing’ industry.  She has been a writer for decades and brings more substance to your work based on her education and expeditions around the world.  As an author, she has published several books, with Guilty Stains’ being one of her most popular works.  Lynn provides her services under the aegis of her organization, ‘FLuidity Content Writing, LLC.’

Range of Content Writing Services

Lynn is a professional writer and offers a range of writing services that include ‘ghost writing,’ ‘academic writing,’ and ‘healthcare insurance contract writing and consulting,’ among other areas.  “As part of our ghostwriting services, we have written and published books in a variety of genres including autobiographies, children’s books, biographies, science fiction, and more,” the well-known author asserted.

When it comes to healthcare writing, her services are unique.  She has partnered with multiple healthcare organizations, which helps her bring the depth and professionalism that is required in healthcare and medical journals and in writing contracts in partnership with insurance payers.  “FLuidity is your source for writing articles in the most reputed healthcare and medical journals,” she added.  In addition to her status as an entrepreneur and business owner, as a healthcare executive, Lynn leads and oversees ‘contract execution’ that places her hospital employer at the highest rate of reimbursement, while also advocating for high quality patient care.

FLuidity also provides ‘copywriting’ services from postcards, to scripts, to billboards, to website content and design.  As well, the published author and professional writer has been sought to lead efforts in writing curricula for several universities in Africa.  “Academic writing is a unique art and it takes years to master.  Our content writing’ services help students excel in their education and create better prospects for their higher education,” Lynn said, while explaining her academic writing services.

“Some of our clients want to write a book and is skilled at sharing their vision but don’t know where to start.  In those cases, we determine if the client needs a ‘writing coach’ or ‘writing consultant,’ a ghost writer, or ‘writing editor.’  We do them all,” explained the self-dubbed, Queen of Content.

An Ever-Changing Writing Environment

FLuidity’s unique writing services is what sets her company apart.   As an author and speaker, Lynn travels extensively, meeting and interacting with people in different fields, including other authors and professional writers.  This has helped her to remain relevant in a very competitive market, which ensures she continues to create effective content that drives results.

“We know you have a story to tell, and FLuidity Content Writing is here to make your words sing and your stories dance, for we are content writing in motion,” she exclaims.  FLuidity’s mission: Give us a word.  We will give you a sentence.  Together, we will write your story.
FLuidity works in both the online and offline domains, to include print.  “Whether you want your story to be written and propagated using the web, publish your books or articles in well-known journals or other publications, FLuidity Content Writing can help,” says Lynn.  FLuidity not only writes to perfection, but it also serves as the‘publisher’ for written works.

FLuidity’s content writing services cover all forms of content.  Lynn and her team can also develop the graphic designs to complement her work.  She is one of very few content writing, copywriting, and professional writers in a world where content has always been known as king.  Lynn is here to show you why content is the queen of any story, and she has occupied the throne for decades, when she began as a little girl with a pencil box and a vision.



Business: FLuidity Content Writing, LLC
Contact: Lynn P. Hall

Phone: 540.538.2803


Twitter – Lynn Hall @FLuidityCW 


Her Black Woman’s Authors Featured Page –   

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